Water for South Sudan

   Each day hundreds of thousands of people across East Africa walk for hours through the hot desert to collect water that often turns out to be contaminated with parasites and dangerous bacteria.  The result: rampant disease.  And every dry season, entire villages need to migrate with their livestock to find water.  The result:  very little economic and social infrastructure.  There are very few schools, health clinics and markets.  All too often, military conflict arises which worsens this cycle of life significantly. 

   This story was brought to life to the people of St. Paul’s in the early- to mid-1990’s through the work of the Refugee Resettlement Program begun here under the leadership of our own Nancy Frank.  Through the program the parish got to know many refugees, one of whom was a man from southern Sudan named Salva Dut.

   If you would like more information on Water for South Sudan please visit their web site: