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      2019 Epistle Newsletters

October 15th - The Epistle - October 2019.pdf

September 1st - The Epistle - September 2019.pdf

June 1st - The Epistle - June 2019.pdf

April 12th - Holy Week + Easter 2019.pdf

March 1st - The Epistle - March 2019.pdf

January 14th - The Epistle - January 2019.pdf

      2018 Epistle Newsletters

December 14th - The Epistle - December 2018.pdf

November 1st - The Epistle - November 2018.pdf

September 15th - The Epistle - September 2018.pdf

August 1st - The Epistle - August 2018.pdf

June 15th - The Epistle - June 2018.pdf

May 1st - The Epistle - May 2018.pdf

March 15th - The Epistle - March 2018.pdf

January 8th - The Epistle - January 2018.pdf

      2017 Epistle Newsletters

November 15th - The Epistle November 2017.pdf

October 1st - The Epistle - October 2017.pdf

August 15th - The Epistle - August 2017.pdf

July 1st - The Epistle - Summer 2017.pdf

April 1st - The Epistle - Holy Week & Easter 2017.pdf

February 15th - The Epistle - Lent 2017.pdf

January 1st - The Epistle - 2016-17 Christmas-Epiphany.pdf

        2016 Epistle Newsletters

November 15th - Epistle - November 2016.pdf

October 1st  -  Epistle - October 2016.pdf

August 1st  -  Epistle - August 2016.pdf

June 1st  -  Epistle - June 2016.pdf 




2015 Epistle Newsletters



October 1st 10.01.15_Epistle_NL.pdf

September 1st 09.03.15_Epistle_NL.pdf

August 1st  08.01.15_Epistle_NL.pdf

June 1st 06.01.15_EPISTLE_NL.pdf

May 1st  05.01.15_EPISTLE_NL.pdf

April 1st  04.01.15_EPISTLE_NL.pdf

March 1st  03.01.15_EPISTLE_NL.pdf

February 1st  02.01.15_EPISTLE_NL.pdf

January 1st   01.01.15_EPISTLE_NL.pdf

2014 Epistle Newsletters

December 1st  12.01.14_EPISTLE_NL.pdf

November 1st  11.01.14_EPISTLE_NL.pdf

October 1st  10.01.14_EPISTLE_NL.pdf

September 1st  09.01.14_EPISTLE_NL.pdf

August 1st   08.01.14_EPISTLE_NL.pdf

June 1st   06..01.14_EPISTLE_NL.pdf

May 1st   05..01.14_EPISTLE_NL.pdf

April 1st  04.01.14_Epistle_NL.pdf

March 1st   03.01.14_Epistle_NL.pdf

February 1st   02.01.14_Epistle_NL.pdf 

January 1st     01.01.14_Epistle_NL.pdf