St. Paul’s Child Care Center

Founded in 1989, St. Paul’s Child Care Center is a separate and distinct 501(C)3 not for profit organization. STPCCC and St. Paul’s Church share common values around the care and growth of young children. In accordance with the center’s incorporation statement, the majority of the center’s Board of Directors is comprised of St. Paul’s members.

St. Paul’s Child Care Center provides care for children from 8 weeks to 5 years and is proud to offer full day Universal Pre-Kindergarten. Our Rochester City School District funded Universal Pre-Kindergarten program is free to city residents and implements a curriculum that builds skills needed to prepare students for Kindergarten.

The Center is a Pathways accredited, non-denominational child care center that values the uniqueness of each child, honors the preferences and customs that families bring with them and seeks ways to share family traditions.

The Center adheres to the principles of Pathways accreditation based on an extensive review of national standards including Head Start, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the New York State office of Children and Family Services, the National Association for the Education of Young Children and other national and state level accreditation and quality systems including (but not limited to):
• Program and practice appropriate to each child’s development;
• Qualified, well trained, trustworthy, caring professional staff;
• Children involved in learning across multiple areas of development;
• Curriculum based on state-of-the art knowledge about childcare;
• Respect and support for families as they nurture children;
• Interactions among staff and children characterized by respect, affection, active listening and openness, nurturance and support; and
• Encouragement of children to share experiences, feelings and ideas.

St Paul’s Child Care accepts tuition assistance provided by The Department of Human Services. For enrolled families, the Center offers short term emergency tuition assistance.

To learn more, visit the website http:/,
call STPCCC at 244-4527, or contact via e-mail:

Michelle Mousseau, Executive Director


Michelle Felton, Family Engagement Facilitator