2019 Annual Giving Campaign

In a recent Sunday sermon, our Assistant Rector, Jay Burkardt, said, “Through the faithful generosity of the people of St Paul’s, we are able to glorify God in the many ways we seek to include, love and serve, and we have the opportunity to strive to give an even greater glimpse of God’s Kingdom.” St. Paul’s Church as a glimpse of God’s reign… I couldn’t agree more!

Throughout the year, the leadership of St. Paul’s – both lay and ordained – seeks to be good stewards of the gifts we have here. From the care and preservation of our buildings to responsible administration and through our worship, formation, outreach, and fellowship, we find ways to include, love, and serve in the Name of Christ.

We welcome one another as Jesus has welcomed us. We include in the St. Paul’s parish family the dozens of children who are enrolled in our Childcare Center, the many Eastman students and faculty who practice on our historic Skinner organ, and the countless participants who find healing through 12-step programs here, to name but a few. Our Sunday School and Adult Christian Education programs, the worship with glorious music, and our fellowship times nourish our love for God and one another. Stemming from all of this, our deep passion for serving as Jesus taught us is seen in our ministry with RAIHN, St. Joseph’s House of Hospitality, School #9 tutoring, and so much more.

The primary way that we are able to Include, Love, and Serve is through the financial support from parishioners, like you. I write to ask for a financial commitment to St. Paul’s in 2019. Pledge In-Gathering will take place on All Saints’ Sunday, November 4th 

As always, thank you for your prayerful consideration and generous response. Because of you, St. Paul’s will provide as glimpse of God’s Kingdom as we Include, Love, and Serve in the Name of Christ. With gratefulness for you and St. Paul’s, I remain,

Your friend and rector,

(The Rev’d) Robert A. Picken