Scholarship Contact:  Please call the Church Office (585-271-2240), and leave a message for Duane Swanson for further information or questionss about scholarships. 

Memorial Scholarship

St. Paul's Episcopal Church Memorial Scholarships are funded with the income from an endowment originally established to honor members of St. Paul's who served in World War II. It is further supplemented by donations. Its purpose is to provide scholarship aid for members of St. Paul's who have graduated from high school and are enrolled in full-time college programs.  The application deadline is the last business day in April, and eligibility criteria are outlined in the application, linked below.

We encourage members of the parish, including prior recipients, to make contributions to the fund when they are able.

Download application click here => Memorial Scholarship Application.doc


Merriel and Almus Thorp Lay Theological Scholarship

St. Paul’s of Rochester has a wonderful scholarship opportunity open to all Episcopalians in the Diocese.  The Merriel and Almus Thorp Lay Theological Scholarship Fund was established by the Vestry of St. Paul’s to pay tribute to the Thorps and to their commitment to Christian formation and furthering leadership among the laity.   It was created to help support those who wish to seriously explore and further their Christian education as a way to expand their ministry in our community and in the world.

We are pleased and proud that the fund received a record number of applicants last year from all around the Diocese and was able to help support educational opportunities for many people and parishes.  One letter of thanks to our Rector from a parishioner in our diocese said, “I wish to express my gratitude for this gift as it aids me in the effort of discernment of God’s wishes for me…I am putting forth my best effort to make good use of this opportunity for he betterment of whatever ministry God has planned for me.”

Increased awareness has naturally resulted in more applicants and more grants.  In order for this important mission to continue, the fund must grow with outside support.  The St. Paul’s Vestry makes a generous contribution each year, but this is not enough to support all of the deserving applicants. Since this is open to all members of the Diocese, we are now reminding parishes that the Fund also accepts contributions to help it grow and continue to support the education of our laity. 

There is an opportunity at St. Paul’s to give to the Thorp Lay Theological Scholarship Fund through a special plate offering during a worship service in the spring, around the time of Almus Thorp’s birthday, and it is our hope to designate this Sunday for us to give generously to his and Merriel’s memory.  For eligibility criteria and to apply, please download the application at the link below.

Download application click here =>  Thorp_Scholarship_Application.pdf