Paul's Place
 Rochester Area Interfaith Hospitality Network

"Probably no word better summarizes the suffering of our times than the word 'homeless.' It reveals one of our deepest and most painful conditions, the condition of not having a sense of belonging, of not having a place where we can feel safe, cared for,protected, and loved."
 Henri Nouwen

  St. Paul’s is a host congregation in an outreach program that provides shelter, meals and a caring environment to families that have been temporarily displaced while they seek housing and employment. 

St. Paul's will host RAIHN during 2017 on the following weeks:
 February 26 - March 5
 May 28 - June 4
 August 27 - September 13
 November 26 - 
December 3

You may sign up to volunteer approximately 1 month prior to the start of the rotation.
 Click on this link to volunteer:
 RAIHN at St. Paul's

For more information or questions about volunteering contact:
Lynn Griffith at (516) 662-1216 or Carol Cunningham at (585) 747-4526.


For detailed information on RAIHN’s mission and the communities involved, please visit the website