Outreach at St. Paul's

      In our daily lives, we observe the needs of other where St. Paul's can 'Reach Out' to provide assistance and caring to many people.  This is a major program at St. Paul's, to be there when help of any kind is requested by people needing some type of care or by providing financial assistance to small community groups.

Programs available:

  • Outreach Council offers grants to small groups requesting financial assistance.
  • Pastoral Care happens in many ways, at many times through the loving hands of all at St. Paul's - the clergy as well as laypeople. If you are in need, please reach out to receive the care of Christ we are so ready to offer.
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Facing Poverty in Rochester 2017
Realities - Response - Reduction

May 1st - May 8th - May 15th       7:00 - 8:30 PM

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Facing Poverty in Rochester 2017 full page.pdf

St. Paul’s in the City

This spring St. Paul’s begins a series of informational forums designed to address topics relevant to life in urban Rochester. We hope to offer parishioners and the general public an opportunity to learn and engage in conversations around various topics.

For Year One, we will focus on urban education. We have planned a series of four forums over four weeks. We are not endorsing any particular opinion; it is our goal to offer a place for people to receive information, ask questions about individual programs and, if desired, provide resources for followup. Speakers for each forum will make a presentation followed by a Q&A. Each evening will last no more than ninety minutes.

You are invited to join the conversation - Four successive Thursdays at 7:00 pm in the Parish Hall.
 May 5th
 Dr. Raymond Giamartino, Kirsten Pryor: Rochester City School District

 There are many challenges as well as opportunities for students in the RCSD. What are some of the
 innovative programs and new ideas geared toward improving outcomes for students in RCSD
 schools? Presenter Giamartino is Chief of School Transformation for the City School District.
 May 12th
 Lynette Sparks & John Wilkinson: Third Presbyterian Church and Great Schools For All

 Great Schools For All (GS4A) is working to create an inter-district magnet school network that will
 allow students to move across city and suburban boundaries to experience greater educational
 opportunities. The goal is to have a community in which every family, no matter its zip code, is
 guaranteed access to excellent public schools.