Becoming a Member


     Are you new to St. Paul’s? 

     Whoever you are and wherever you find yourself on your journey in faith you are welcome. Your presence here has enriched us, and we pray that your life in Christ has been deepened as you worshiped with us.

     If you believe there is a place here for you, we invite you to become a member of St. Paul’s. It is an easy process:

  • If you are an Episcopalian, simply let us know the name of your last parish, and we will write to request a Letter of Transfer. 
  • If you come from another Christian tradition (Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, etc.) and have been baptized, you may have your baptism recorded here. Simply complete a form that we will provide you upon request. 
  • If you have not been baptized, you may request baptism. Simply make an appointment to speak to one of the clergy. 

Members are....

 ...faithful in worship in annual pledging

 ....participants in the life of the community.

     If you have any questions about becoming a member of St. Paul’s, please speak with the clergy.